With a "significant" birthday approaching, I decided to be pro-active and try acupuncture for facial rejuvenation.  The treatment has quickly brought a healthy "glow", and filled in some fine lines that had begun to appear.  During these visits Ralph has also addressed other health issues.  His care and advise has helped me immensely feel better not just on the outside appearance, but the health of my total body.  I feel balanced health in body & spirit!  Thank you Ralph and Debra of Twin Dragon Acupuncture.



In the past 5 years, I have had 2 rods, and 6 screws in my back, both knees replaced and I have to say Ralph Salerno has been an important prt of each recovery process.  He made sure I had no scar tissue in my back and knees.  Me being the chicken, wimp I am, Ralph put up with my fears and nerves.  He was completely patient & sensitive to my crazy behavior.  Each specialist, was impressed with how fast I recovered.

- M.M.



6 Hand Surgeons, 4 Neurologists, 1 Rheumatologist,  1 Dermatologist, 2 Pain Management Specialist, 1 Sports Medicine Specialist, 1 Radiologist,, 3 Occupational Therapists, 1 Physical Therapist, 3 EMG Studies, 2 MRI's, countless X-Rays, Nerve-gliding studies, 3 years, approximately $100,000 in medical bills and 1 Mr. Ralph.  Guess who I went to last?  Don't make the same mistake.




Before meeting Ralph Salerno, I have never considered acupuncture...now I swear by it!  He has been able to help with a wide variety of different issues throughout my treatments.  I have had horrible asthma for as long as I can remember and within the first few treatments Ralph has been able to drastically help with my breathing.  He is extremely knowledgeable, caring and skilled in his field. 
-Kaitlin D.


As a type 1 diabetic since the age of nine, now 18 acupuncture has been amazing by aiding my body to better be able to control its blood sugar.  Ralph Salerno is extremely knowledgeable and is willing to explain and educate you throughout the treatment.  
-Connor Dromerhauser


This is a letter of recommendation for Twin Dragon Acupuncture and Ralph Salerno.  I have been an advocate of holistic healing for most of my life, although until recently had never tried acupuncture.   2 months ago I was suffering from a  debilitating shoulder injury that I feared was in need of surgery in order to fix it.  It just was not healing or even getting a little better each day.  My Chiropractor and massage therapist both had recommended that I give acupuncture a try before going into surgery and a long recovery.  After just 2 sessions my shoulder had unlocked and gained back the ability to move.  I was amazed!  After 4 sessions I was back in the gym and boxing (against Ralphs orders) and it felt great to use my arm again.  It has now been 10 sessions since I first started with Twin Dragon.  My shoulder is completely healed, better than it was!!  I now continue to go for treatment once a week where Ralph works on my over all well being and helps to balance me out.  After each session I feel refreshed and relaxed and overall just a little happier every time.  Ralph Salerno customizes his treatments based on each individual's needs.   Every week I go, is different based on what I explain to him prior to the treatment.  He really does listen and have true intent to heal behind every one of his treatments.  I highly recommend Twin Dragon Acupuncture to everyone and anyone who is suffering from physical, emotional, or mental pain & discomfort of and type.  It REALLY WORKS! 
-Nick Strano


Through treatment, Ralph has helped me nearly clear up all of my psoriasis.  Also as an athlete he has helped with the recovery and pain of my sports injuries.  
-B. Dromerhauser


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